Stuck on the hidden service setup

Hi, i followed this guide to setup an hidden service. After the import of a v3 key address pair from one of my backup server (ubuntu non whonix) i started to look for the whonix workstation, with no luck at all. What should i open now? Thanks

How did you import the v3 keypair ? Did you use Qubes secure copy to move the key address pair?

If (qvm-copy Qubes 4.0) (qvm-copy-to-vm Qubes 3.2) was used look in ~/QubesIncoming/Vm-name-coppied-from/

EDIT: Could you clarify what the problem is.

  • did you transfer the key pair from your Ubuntu VM to a Whonix VM and are having trouble finding the directory the key pair was moved to.
  • as per your post “i started to look for the whonix workstation, with no luck at all”
    Are you having trouble finding your Whonix-ws TemplateVM?

Hi, i imported the keys with success. The problem is that i can’t find the whonix workstation. SOrry for the unclear question

Hi markzuccaberg

When using Qubes-Whonix. The Whonix-Workstation TemplateVM is called whonix-ws. This is the VM that you use to install and update software. This VM is not used to run applications.

If you selected the option to configure Whonix VMs at Qubes install. There should also be an AppVM named anon-whonix. This is the VM that you use to run all your applications that are installed in Whonix-ws TemplateVM. e.g Tor Browser, Thunderbird etc.

To list all available VMs you can complete the following:

  1. With your mouse, right click anywhere on the dom0 desktop (the screen).

  2. Right click on “Open Terminal Here”

  3. In the terminal screen that just opened type the following command and hit < Enter >. Note: copy and paste will not function. you must type this command


You should see a listing of all your VMs. whonix-ws and possibly anon-whonix should be listed.

Depending on what release version of Qubes you are using and what task you want to accomplish. Use the commands found on these pages.

For Qubes R-3.2

For Qubes R-4.0


Its very important that you not only familiarize yourself with Whonix but also Qubes OS.

A good place to start with Qubes

For Whonix:

Its recommended that you read through the entire wiki.

Whonix ™ Documentation

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