streaming videos inside the TBB/iceweasel not possible

making new WS from the current updated whonox-WS template , is infected witha same bug:-

is that has any effect on the TBB fingerprint ? @Patrick

You seem to have the strangest bugs. :slightly_smiling:

Just tested YouTube with:
Whonix-WS-12 + Tor Browser 5.5
Fedora-23 + Ice Weasel 43.0.3
Audio and video work fine in both.

Check your settings in
kmix (whonix)
gnome-control-center sound (fedora-23)

Have you tried different Tor circuits? Sounds like you’re buffering/lagging then rushing to catch up…
If no video at all, then make sure NoScript settings allow it.

Edit: Make sure audio channels aren’t muted in alsamixer. They can have 100 Volume and still be Muted. :confused:

You seem to have the strangest bugs.

u dont wanna know …

Just tested YouTube with:
Whonix-WS-12 + Tor Browser 5.5
Fedora-23 + Ice Weasel 43.0.3
Audio and video work fine in both.

i wish the cause of the problem from the audio or video itself. but no the bug go beyond this.

i dunno how to describe this more than what i did in qubes-issues.

there is a line of loading in every video which has an play/pause button of the right side of it , i dunno what is the terminology is used for it

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

the normal case of any video let say youtube , it should be loading and start from 0 1 2 to go through 10 and so on gradually right ? this the normal case

what is happening in the entire system is while u r streaming a youtube in any VM:-

0 3 5 8 12

the load is rushing fastly , and it will rush more than the speed of the internet-video loading which will make it impossible to watch any video.

hope u got the problem. (here where i get stuck when i dont know how to describe the strange issues which they r strangely to happen :open_mouth:)

no body have said one word on the issue. and i do think they r intentionally ignoring me and i dunno why.

and their developer mailing-list = dead sea.

maybe they r busy or maybe they have their excuses that i dunno but still this is considered as ignoring to the report.

Good day,

to be honest, I’m not ignoring you in any way, thing is just that I have no idea what to say here. Have never seen, nor heard from a bug of this kind in any way, so the only thing I could recommend, would be to try a fresh workstation. Asside from that, I’m less active here in general at the moment thanks to an important upcoming french test and my work on finally finishing the installer.

Have a nice day,


to be honest, I’m not ignoring you in any way,

i meant Qubes developers.

and u dont have to worry about urself = u r doing great job :wink:

Discussion the technical aspects here, reporting more confirmations is not worth so much - because it is a Qubes specific issue that has already been reported here:

And I wouldn’t know if Qubes developers have the time to read all of Whonix forum and subscribe to all the remotely related discussions. So I suggest to use the Qubes ticket instead.

We are not as stupid as blocking ourselves. The Tor community are users of IRC servers. The Tor community does not host its own IRC servers because that is a non-trivial task - costs time, money, legal risks and more. The OFTC network is not the Tor community. OFTC tries to be Tor friendly but is failing - again it is a complex task. And no one has come up with a great suggestion to which existing network these channels could be moved to. Not just a quick shot as “let’s just go there they currently allow Tor”, but “this server provider is happy about this use case and will never start banning Tor”. Because if the latter condition is only half cooked then things can stay as they are. There is more discussion in the following ticket which links to other tickets and mailing list discussions:

guys the bug has been identified :ok_hand:

check the updates inside Qubes issue for this

The ticket has only been tagged. The root cause was not found yet. If
updates were released it would look different. (See some recent closed
tickets if you wonder how.)

oh thought this is the end of the issue. hmm this is bad, then i need to remove Qubes and re-install it again. cant watch anything inside :disappointed:.