Strange Network Connection when Whonix Gateway Virtualbox turned on (

I use the Whonix Gateway Virtual Box on a Windows 10 host machine. When I start up the Vbox, I can see a strange network connection when I check the Windows Resource Monitor. The connection is going to:

This connection only ever appears after the Whonix Gateway has booted up. It never appears with any other Virtual Boxes I have running on this host. I have also previously used the Whonix Gateway and have never seen this connection.

I can find virtually no information on what this connection is, other than on a website named, which just seems to consist of only a strange javascript maze. The fact that I can find no information on it alarms me.

Is anyone able to shed any light on what this connection is, and why it occurs? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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That’s very odd. I was sadly unable to reproduce this using the same set-up under similar conditions. May I recommend reimporting a fresh download of the Gateway? If that fixes this mysterious entry, it could mean that your system has been compromissed, with the “maze website” having been hijacked as a command and control or data-collection server, as has been known to happen in the past.

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Wait a minute.




And that IP runs a Tor server.

Speculation: Windows Resource Monitor might have seen that IP and done a reverse lookup so it can show the hostname rather than IP. Sounds like a useful usability feature to show hostnames rather than IPs.

Windows Resource Monitor usually does not show any connections for VirtualBox.exe ever?

I wonder if this is a simple Tor entry guard connection. shows you the Identity fingerprint. Then you can check if you are using that Tor entry guard by looking at file /var/lib/tor/state.

@Ego, this was my next step, but decided I’d check what you guys thought first. Thanks for the suggestion

@Patrick, didnt know this tool even existed, this is quite handy and confirms what you state - this is a tor relay, which puts my mind at ease a little.

You mention that Windows Resource Monitor doesnt ever show network connections for Virtual Box. I had updated to the latest release the other day (though cant remember if this connection was present before or after). I thought the change log might indicate if this was a recent feature, but there’s nothing mentioned.

I’ve taken a look in /var/lib/tor/state, and this confirms that I am using this entry guard, so this all seems to tie up. The only ‘worry’, why is Virtual Box showing network usage for in the Windows Resource Monitor? I guess this is more a question with the Virtual Box community, not you guys.

Thanks for you’re help!

That was a question. Not a statement.

@Patrick, sorry, misunderstood.

I initial meant that I had never seen the connection to Otherwise, it’s fairly normal to see Virtual Box network connections via Resource Monitor (or atleast, I have seen them before on my host machine).