Strange Log, need I be worried?


I’m using whonix with virtualbox on a dedicated usb stick with a linux distro on as host os.
I was logged in two onion websites anonymously.
I left my PC for a while, but then it turned out to be for a couple of hours.
Upon returning to it, both the gateway and workstation were spitting a logs that didn’t make sense and couldn’t be interrupted.
I don’t have images of the logs…
The gateway was generating the same log paragraphs that ended in some info about Cache swaps, free swaps and numbers against them.

The workstation had repeating log paragraphs titled Call Trace and some info I didn’t understand.

Could this be anything I need to worry about in terms of security?

I’ve tried hard to keep it neat and safe but this was a surprise…

Hard to say. Perhaps it was an issue with low RAM or physically faulty RAM. I wouldn’t worry. Skilled attacks go unnoticed.

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