still needing that help...

Okay, I will try and be as thorough as possible. I’m currently running a Xubuntu host OS. Upon uploading Whonix Gateway and Workstation to Oracle VirtualBox I boot into both of them no problem. I begin the Whonixcheck and it says there is updates and upgrades for Debian, so I do “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade” on both Gateway and Workstation. However once I’m done with the updates/upgrades I close out of Whonix and when I reopen it again the Workstation loads properly but the Gateway has a problem. The Gateway fails booting after it reaches “Begin: Running /scripts/local-block…done” it keeps repeating this line. Then it drops to initramfs. This ONLY seems to happen after the updating though. And it happens every time, I’ve reinstalled numerous times.

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