Starting a Hidden Service Break Tor via Whonix Gateway

I understand what I am doing is not safe or tested but this is not for production use and testing purposes only.

I am trying to run a small server on the Whonix Gateway (not the Whonix Workstation) and I plan to control it by setting up a Tor hidden service which I can route too to access the Whonix Gateway.

The server runs on port 5000 and the directory is set so i edit the torcc file like this: https://ghostbin.com/paste/p5tm5

However, when i restart tor, i get this: https://i.imgur.com/o5z3REi.png

I am baffled, i do not know where the problem lies. It should be able to start correctly and write to the folder (since it is running as sudo) but it will not run. How come?

Tor is running under apparmor and seccomp. Not write permissions to home folder.

Use folder like this:


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