IP是本机内网IP。192.168.3.X 端口是1080,然后TOR网络使用前置代理,链接本机内网IP。


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If Google Translate is translating correctly, these questions are about pre-proxies and VPNs to overcome blocking of Tor.

You can run a pre-proxy such as SSR or V2Ray on the host. You’ll need to go into the Gateway and determine the host IP address.

ip neigh

You will get an answer such as Then

sudo anon-connection-wizard

Specify a proxy server on (or whatever your host is from the point of view of the Gateway) port 1080 (SSR, V2Ray) or 10808 (V2RayN) as appropriate.

You can also run a pre-proxy on the Gateway, provided it runs as user tunnel. Then

sudo anon-connection-wizard

Specify a proxy server on port 1080 (most commonly).

You can also run a VPN on the host. I don’t know of any problem with WireGuard except that it is relatively new.

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