SSH before or after Tor?


I need to use Whonix in order to connect to a VPS with SSH, but after reading the wiki entries multiple times (on combining tunnels in general, Tor before SSH, and Tor after SSH), I don’t really know if I should run SSH before or after Tor. My goals are to…

  • Shield the SSH port against any attacks.
  • Hide where I am connecting to (my VPS).
  • Hide where I am connecting from.

That’s unspecific to Whonix.

This should be hidden either way.

Wiki page Combining Tunnels with Tor (or any Tunnel related wiki page) isn’t required to simply connect to a VPN.

An applicable wiki page is this:

(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)

Thank you! This has been helpful. One last question:

In your estimation, would you say SSH before Tor is more common for Whonix users? It tends to come up as the first search result, regardless of search engine.

I understand if you don’t have an answer. More or less just curious, it’ll help me decide. Thanks again!


Probably because of how search engines look for keywords.