Some tor browser issues, ip-score.com new IP on every refresh

  1. Tor browser not startups sometimes when i click icon on desktop. I see firefox process in system manager, but browser window don’t pop up.
    I kill process and try again, but that not helps. What helps only restarting system.

  2. Last time when i check tor browser was changing ip every time i refresh the page. Now, it changes ip on random numbers of refresh. It’s only my browser messed or there is something else what i don’t know ?

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Changed title.

  1. Try re-installing Tor Browser.

  2. IP depends on many factors. Reload might seemingly result in a new IP while in fact only the Tor circuit expired. Using Tor Browser’s New Identity feature will only issue a new circuit, but not necessarily a new Tor exit relay. Unless you changed settings in torrc on gateway I don’t think this can be messed up.

Using Tor Browser's New Identity feature will only issue a new circuit, but not necessarily a new Tor exit relay.
Just realize that my tor-browser not have tor button... It's normal for 3.6.6 version ?

But for example i go to http://www.ip-score.com/ and start refreshing page, every time i got new ip address. How to explain this ? I not change anything in tor config, so by default tor circuit expire in 10min…
Also strange thing is that when i refreshing whoer.net i get new ip after 3 refreshs. When i refreshing ip-score.com i got new ip everytime. Thats very strange .

Also i try to refreshing https://check.torproject.org/?lang=en_US and ip never changes …
Now i really not understand what happening here :frowning:

I can reproduce this issue on http://www.ip-score.com using Whonix and TBB on Debian.

Doesn’t happen with https://check.torproject.org or http://myip.is or http://ip-check.info.

For these reasons I conclude, it must be an issue with http://www.ip-score.com rather than Whonix or TBB.

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