[Solved] Whonix14/Qubes3.2 latest upgrades block apt networking

  • Qubes R3.2
  • Whonix 14

After the recent upgrades I can no longer get networking for apt in my templates. I was using rustybird’s update cache for around a year now, but the problem persists even if I switch to a Whonix gateway. I’ve attempted to look into the new files in /etc/uwt.d/ that the upgrade pulled in, but I’m not finding the problem.

Here is the upgrade log that broke things: debian Pastezone.

Here is what happens when I try to upgrade now: debian Pastezone.

Thanks in advance for reading. I can provide any other information needed.


FYI only:

Possibly any of these changes to the following files could be the cause. These changes can be tracked here:

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Workaround until fixed package got uploaded:

sudo apt-get.anondist-orig update

Thank you @Patrick, this is now solved for me.

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