[Solved]Which Vbox should i use? ose or nonfree?

Hi. I use Mint distribution and package manager has two versions. Ose and nonfree proprietary version?
Will whonix work with ose or do we need proprietary virtualbox?
Sorry if this in on wrong forum, I’m new to this. Thank you much.

Non-free is not required.

Thanks, I marked this thread as solved.
I wonder why the virtualbox download link on your site took me to proprietary vbox installer when OSE is sufficient. Can you update the page to mention that OSE in package manager (of recent distributions) is sufficient?

On what page, what link?

On the download page, our “Download and install VirtualBox.” is indeed a bit poor. On Debian based distributions a simple “sudo apt-get install virtualbox” should do. On Windows systems, downloading the Windows installer from virtualbox.org is required.

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Yes, that link in download page.
Ok, I will create account and edit wiki for windows users separately and Gnu/Linux users separately.