[SOLVED]Mouse pointer goes behind Whonix window after X is started in it

Hello, again. Recently I started 14 Whonix (both Gateway and Workstation) on my Host.
And so, the adventures are continue :slight_smile:
Now the mouse pointer is going “under” any Whonix OS window after the X.org is started on it. If I click on the window before the X.org started, it handles it, and suggestion of pressing L_Ctrl+L_Alt to release the mouse is apear. But after KDE starts the pointer becomes invisible at the all window area. If I move it out of Whonix window it appears on the Host desktop area and working well.

What is the problem with it?

That could be caused by two things: you using something different than SPICE for graphics or you attempting to change resolution. The latter is broken in the most recent KDE as it can;t automatically expand the VM screen. Which is it?

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Thanks! The second.
At the VM window (Virt-Manager) menu: View -> Scale Display -> Auto resize VM with window
The last must be unchecked.

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