[Solved] MAT version in Whonix

Due to using the Debian stable repository, the MAT version in Whonix is old and doesn’t contain lots of improvements.

Do you feel this is better because it is somehow more secure (stable) or would you like to include latest version but can’t because … or didn’t even consider?

Look at all the changelog since 0.3.2: changelog


For technical reasons as in programming challenges, not security reasons. Mixing stable and testing is difficult. Would require apt pinning, which is a bad idea as a distro maintainer (Dev/APT Pinning - Kicksecure) and an okay idea for individual users. A technically fine method, yet too time consuming method [Whonix has no manpower for this], would be to backport the package from testing and to upload it to Whonix’s repository.

or didn't even consider?
We considered this in general, i.e. mixing packages from testing with packages from stable, because this is quite a common issue. However, we did not consider it for the mat package in particular.