[Solved, Fixed in 8.2] can't update tor browser

when I running update tor browser it gives the message that

http://j6im4v42ur6dpic3.onion/tor-package-archive/torbrowser could not be reached
possible reasons:
-http://j6im4v42ur6dpic3.onion/tor-package-archive/torbrowser is down
-download location changed
please check:start menu - system - whonix check
or in terminal: whonixcheck
or in terminal with debugging: whonixcheck -v

I did each of above said and did sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade but it still keeps failing . who can help me ? thanks

Download through a standard browser(Applications->Internet->Web Browser) Tor Browser and unzip it into any directory and run.

Please see:

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