Sluggish performance on KVM


After few minutes of use, Whonix WS becomes unbearingly slugglish. Most of the times I am only running Tor Browser and any attempt to open text editor or file manager takes unusual times.

Installed sudo apt-get install qxl-xorg-enhance as explained in KVM article. Tried increasing RAM but no benefit.

Is it recommended to increase RAM than default 1024 mb?
How to improve WS performance?

PC is Intel Core i5 with 12 MB of RAM and 1 GB graphics card.



Hi what host distro are you using and what Whonix version did you start to see this at?

PS. Are you sure you enabled virtualization extensions in the BIOS? Without them, KVM reverts to emulation mode and that is unbearably sluggish.

Check if qxl-xorg-enhance is installed on both.

Not sure about RAM question.