Shared Folders & Shared Memory

I was setting up a shared folder in my Whonix-WS KVM guest and to test it out I want to try and backup/restore my KeePassXC database to an external drive.

I followed the docs here: whonix[dot]org/wiki/KVM#Shared_Folders

Note: While my distro doesn’t have Mandatory Access Control enabled I did have to use sudo chmod 701 /home/user before the WS vm would boot without through a permission error for opening my shared folder.

Upon rebooting the shared folder is found under /mnt/shared as expected and I can mv file /mnt/shared/ no problem. But the file is not viewable on the host side. Likewise, when I do same from the hosts side the file isn’t viewable in the guest Whonix-WS.

What fixes this is if I first turn on “Shared Memory” in the VM’s details menu. There’s no mention of this setting in the docs and I couldn’t find it referenced while searching elsewhere.

Is it safe to turn this setting on, with included caveats mentioned in the docs for shared folders generally?