shared folders on the host by default?


Lets say I want to enable shared folders on the host by default and I select a pre-existing folder. What is an appropriate folder path to include in the XML that will not violate user expectation or expose their private data to untrusted VMs?

(unrelated to the Whonix testing version problem report)

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My first thought is: none of the already existing folders such as ~/Download. That would surprise the user.

Also does the virtualizer refuse to start if the folder is non-existing?

  • Not a blocker.
  • But if so, bad for usability.
  • Could still be covered by telling the user to create that folder in instructions. I guess for KVM one more step doesn’t matter.

Shared folder for which VM? I mean, ~/shared-whonix-gateway ~/shared-whonix-workstation but what when using multiple workstation’s?

Doesn’t sound easy, but cool to have.

Unfortunately so. I guess it was worth a try.

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