Shared Clipboard and Drag n Drop defaults for WS and GW


ID: 718
PHID: PHID-TASK-hquj3lq7xoutigth4hv3
Author: JasonJAyalaP
Status at Migration Time: resolved
Priority at Migration Time: Normal


As explained in VirtualBox Guest Additions and Shared Folders
The OVAs for WS and GW have different defaults for shared clipboard and drag n drop.

WS has both disabled.
GW has clipboard set to host-to-guest and dnd to disabled.

  1. The footnotes seem to missing. What was the reasoning? Having bidirection clipboard sharing is very important to usability and required by all new users.

My proposal is that it’s on by default so that new users have one less thing to look up in the wiki, and advanced users facing advanced threats will know how to turn it off. I don’t mean to open up the usability vs security discussion, but I guess I just did.



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