Setup your vpn server only if you have anonymus internet nonnection!

please read devels . in documentation say : not trust vpn provider ? setup yours in a safe place . ok , i was setup a openvpn server inside ubuntu server , then i was planing to connect my other pc with whonix there , but i think wait a minute , my isp knows ho am i , my full name , evrythink , if i will setup a vpn server with that connection they will see all traffic goes beyont vpn server ! yes and the server is my , is in my place , take internet from my connection ,from my provider ! so must have a anonymus internet connection !
{data from pc through the router using ISP to the VPN server is encrypted to and from but it’s not encrypted beyond the VPN server } So whats the point ? If must setup a personal vpn server that will worth it only if the vpn server take internet anonymusly , because otherwise isp will se traffic from internet to vpn server & again knows that vpn server belong to me.

Please link and quote relevant documentation.