Setting up vpn with whonix is it a good idea ??

Hello every one

-Is it a good idea to use VPN(like cyberghost, hotspotshield, nordvpn etc… ) on my main OS and then use Whonix like how i normally do

-will everything just magically connect or do i need to set it up manually

I really don’t want my ISP to see that i am using tor

Any help will be appreciated.


VPN is not likely to hide Tor when DPI is used.

Not sure what a trusted VPN is.

If you set the VPN up correctly on the host you should be OK. I have yet to see any magic.

By trusted i mean good VPN provider like cyberghost, hotspot shield or nordvpn etc…

and what about using vpn in whonix gateway or workstation

i am new to all this so if you would simplify your answers it will be great

Why do you trust cyberghost, hotspot shield, nordvpn? Take a look thatoneprivacysite dot net

I checked them and they seems okay to me, but what do i know
for example nordvpn does NOT keep no logs of your activity online isn’t that good
what am i looking for when i decide to get a vpn provider
i mean i think i trust them because i got no other choice

There is no way to trut a VPN provider. They sure as hell won’t advertise when they fork over data in response to a requet or if they discover their systems are breached. Note they are very juciy targets for very powerful adversaries and when they are determined to get in, they will.


Have a look at the following:

i just wanna browse TOR using Whonix without my ISP knowing what i am doing
is there a way to do so

Thank you for replying

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