Set Tor Browser as default browser

So I installed Brave Browser for testing and it automatically set as default browser but I want to keep Tor as my default browser.
How do I set Tor Browser as default web browser on Whonix?

Tor Browser is the default browser as per Whonix default configuration.

If you install any other browser and its sets itself up as default browser, this can be broken.

Setting up a default browser on Linux is a difficult process. The technical implementation details can be seen here:

So if these technical details don’t help you to fix your issue, the only thing can do is a factory reset (re-installation approach).

(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)

This is because apparently nobody has the time and/or skills nowadays to install that browser and then figure out how to unbreak the system (making Tor Browser the default browser again). Might take several hours to reverse engineer. Hence, unlikely to happen.

When installing another browser, they often ask if they should become the default browser. When choosing “no” that might even work and they might not touch the system.