Secure Distributed Network Time Synchronization on custom workstation


I have built a custom Whonix workstation using Kali Linux on an Ubuntu machine and I am working through the list on “Other Operating Systems”. After reading through the links related to time sync (post install advice, Dev/TimeSync, and the Advanced security guide chapter) and a lot of Googling I am not sure how to install Secure Distributed Network Time Synchronization on the Kali workstation. The material in the document seems to relate to the Whonix workstation. Is there a set of instructions directly related to Time Sync on custom stations available?

I saw the instructions on offsetting the Bios system time which seems straight forward. It said to install NTP on the host however the Ubuntu repositories only have “ntpdate” and “openntpd”. Do I need either of these packages on Ubuntu? (I use the Whonix workstation too BTW)


It’s related for both machines.

No. We’re not at this point yet.

Although the functionality has been split into separate packages

  • Whonix · GitHub
  • Whonix · GitHub
    I am not sure if I will be ever able to maintain (support, answer questions, reproduce bugs, triage bugs, fix bugs, develop, document) these packages in arbitrary distributions outside of Whonix. Most likely this needs more developers.

Ubuntu comes with NTP by default. Probably no manual action required. This package:
(available in all suites)

Ok, thanks for your help.