SecBrowser: A Security-hardened, Non-anonymous Browser - DEPRECATED

Secbrowser starter (tb-starter) from Whonix testers repository now will automatically enable use of config option tb_hardening=true which results in using hardened-malloc as well as firejail by default if packages hardened-malloc firejail and firejail-profiles are installed. Documentation was updated.

Will move to stable-proposed-updates and stable repository over time.

What should…


Other pages:™_in_Debian™_in_Qubes_OS

Could you please set SecBrowser ™ has been deprecated! to use a “few” (fewer) templates and/or an introduction text(s) only and then link to the other pages?

Perhaps move SecBrowser ™ has been deprecated! to™_in_Windows?

And a new™_in_macOS stub which basically says “no one looked much into it yet but look at Secbrowser for Windows”?

I’ll get it done.

How about move a copy of Tor Browser witout Tor to deprecated. Might be needed when is created (will need a “history” of SecBrowser ) :slight_smile:. Then create a page for SecBrowser in Windows based on Tor Browser witout Tor wiki.

No problem. SecBrowser dev is moving along nicely :slight_smile:

From Missing Libre Illustrative Images - #103 by nurmagoz @nurmagoz


Seo, communication, network, connection, internet, browser, world icon - Free download - cannot use. Free for commercial use but cannot sell, therefore incompatible with Freedom Software.

Browser icon - Free download on Iconfinder is cool but I saw it elsewhere before (dunno which application). Therefore will not use.

Browser, mozilla icon - Free download on Iconfinder reminds me (= same?) as firefox, therefore will not use.

Browser icon - Free download on Iconfinder looks really good. Haven’t seen before. Anyone?


First time I’ve seen it. Very simple. I like it :wink:

Thanks for finding these nurmagoz!


Opted to create a new SecBrowser in Windows wiki instead of moving Tor Browser without Tor. (good practice for GSoD) The page is 95% complete. The bottom half needs to be formatted better with boxes, changes in header size etc. Added a bunch of images since this wiki is mostly for beginners imo. Will have everything complete tomorrow, Tor without Tor wiki removed and ready for review.

Note to self, submit bug report?? for incorrect Tor project docs.

For Windows users:

gpgv --keyring .\tor.keyring Downloads\torbrowser-install-win64-8.5.4_en-US.exe.asc Downloads\torbrowser-win64-install-8.5.4_en-US.exe


should be;(confirmed)



Wow, impressive, that’s a lot more than I expected! (Just a stub, low effort, no images.)


Already completed. Is there a way to both deprecate Tor Browser without Tor and create a redirect from Tor Browser without Tor → ?

There is already a redirect from SecBrowser ™ has been deprecated! to SecBrowser proper.

Done .™_in_macOS&oldid=50053&diff=cur

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Nice looking icons. Thanks again @nurmagoz!


Seemed like a good idea at first but not sure anyone will want to type the path to password evertime one is needed. Stoped using it myself.

pass qubes -c path/to/some/password

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Removed maintainer template since this is “default support level”.

Created and added:

Also added at the very top small platform icons and the free symbol.

[[File:Windows_logo_-_2012.svg.png|30px|link=SecBrowser/Windows]] [[File:rsz_osx.png|30px|link=SecBrowser/macOS]] [[File:Tux.png|30px|link=SecBrowser/Debian]] [[File:qubes-logo-blue.png|30px|link=SecBrowser/Qubes]] {{#widget:Free}}

to illustrate what platforms are supported and being free of charge.

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improved exploit protection through selfrando

It seems like selfrando was removed from the Tor Browser a while ago.

I’m not sure what advantage it would have over ASLR anyway.


Full RELRO is also dependent on the distro, not Firefox. For example, Fedora and Arch enable it for Firefox by default.

So, I don’t really consider these as TBB security improvements over ordinary Firefox.

Wondering if we should disable letterboxing in SecBrowser by default.

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I think it would be a good idea. It’s only useful for fingerprinting protection which isn’t SecBrowser’s goal and it causes a lot of confusion.

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If Secbrowser is the defacto Torless browser we will use for Zeronet/I2P/Freenet then no I don’t think we should as we still want the privacy protections intact but not have the traffic forced thru Tor by default.

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SecBrowser is hidden by default in Whonix to avoid confusion. Documented as clearnet browser only.


SecBrowser ™: A Security-hardened, Non-anonymous Browser

Therefore no guarantees about Zeronet/I2P/Freenet.