Searching with Ctrl-F on the Whonix Forum threads is hijacked by a web forum search that takes you off the page.


For a long time I have observed, and now every day while that I’m active here at the moment, I find the forum’s script that hijacks one’s Ctrl-F page searching in Firefox to be extremely annoying and preventive of what I find to be a basic normal everyday part of using an Internet forum.

I use Ctrl-F all the time to instantly search text I wrote my a previous posts on the same thread page so I can know what I said before.

Some script hijacks it and forces you off the thread page and suddenly somewhere else. Ridiculous. All I wanted was to search the page I’m on and find a word in about 1.5 seconds.

Since this is hyper specific to this forum however, I suppose I could find the script and block it in an add-on.

Is there a good reason to have this forum feature left on?


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I wouldn’t know how to disable this. Could you check please with

Not on privacy but this FAQ entry equally applies.
“Whonix is not a developer but a user of popular web applications because […].”

Frequently Asked Questions - Whonix ™ FAQ

Press Ctrl-F double times to come around it and it will show you the search feature within the browser.


Ah @TNT_BOM_BOM thank you, that’s a totally fine solution! Thank you very much. Now my sanity is restored. :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, I’m seeing that native Firefox searching of previous text written in a given thread doesn’t always work anyway.

I think it’s because threads don’t fully load the whole pages as actual HTML data on the page but dynamically in JavaScript.

That sucks. But then other forum softwares don’t load the entire thread history in one immediately searchable page either. I guess I just have to get used to how discourse presents forum threads.