sdwdate synchronisation fails, sometimes works

It seems to me like a general connection issue, because for me it seems like it tries to keep up. But i want to be clear. Until now i only have seen it one time connecting correctly sdwdate in the systray icon above right.

Sadly it seems like i cannot upload .txt files with the log in it. Can someone please help me.

I cannot add the log in plain text here because there are very much .onion links in it.

Greetings and stay safe and healthy

It happened to me as well. It worked tho when I restarted it. Have you tried that?


sound familiar? if it happen can you please provide more logs similar to the one requested in the same thread.

you can use pastbin to post the logs.

Could be because of the current developments: Most Onions Down due to a Denial of Service Attack on the Tor Network