sdwdate status monitor for CLI

On whonix GUI we have “Time Synchronization Monitor” tray icon. It helps to see status if time is synchronized. But I like to run whonix-gateway in CLI mode (by reducing ram, or by disabling rads.d service) and i don’t have such sdwdate indicator on CLI :frowning: How i can know when time is synchronized when i’m in CLI ?

We don’t have a sdwdate CLI monitor at time of writing. Not sure that will ever be implemented. Next best thing:

That would make such as monitor much less needed indeed. Would a monitor still be useful? Yes in case one wants to monitor sdwdate for the sake of it. There are a lot things which can be scrutinized (such as random section of onions being functional, time differences as reported from onions, if time randomization was correctly applied, if time was really set as it was planned).

Just to make sure. Does “Block_Networking_until_sdwdate_Finishes” feature is enabled in Whonix now ?

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