Sdwdate.service failed

Hey folks, I’m a complete noob when it comes to Whonix and Linux in general. For the past 3 weeks I’ve been using Whonix Gateway and Workstation just fine on a VM Box (my first time using a Virtual Machine that I’ve setup). I had no problems until today when I loaded my Gateway and then Workstation. Gateway loaded fine and now my Workstation is giving me an error about Secure Date Web Distribution not being able to start properly then just crashing to a blank command prompt. I’ve tried a number of things and I’m finally in maintenance mode and it’s giving me the error:

“Job for sdwdate.service failed because a fatal signal was delivered causing the control process to dump core”. It then says for me to see journalctl -xe for details. In the Journal I find that it says: Failed to start Secure Distributed Web Date - the unit sdwdate.service has entered the ‘failed’ state with result ‘core-dump’ - The only change I made to the VMs was I turned up the RAM on the Workstation to something like 4096 since the workstation VM was moving too slowly. I’ve since brought it back down and I’ve updated using the apt-get command in Gateway but nothing seems to fix it. I got a fresh install of Whonix and ran the Old Gateway with the new Workstation but this makes it so I lose everything so I would like to get the original Workstation to work. Any thoughts?

sdwdate log required for analysis. You can open that by using the sdwdate-gui systray in taskbar.

Helpful would be opening the log, restarting sdwdate and then copying the log since when it was restarted. If it reproducibility fails again, that might give me a chance to debug this.