sdwdate not working on non anonymous distro


When downloading sdwdate on a non-anonymous distro, should I modify the /etc/sdwdate/30_default.conf file and uncomment the proxy-settings:


when leaving it like that the sdwdate status is keep saying " waiting for first sdwdate status " and also when uncommenting the proxy-settings and using tor in the background it keeps saying " waiting for first sdwdate status"


It still requires Tor. Gets automatically installed as dependency of sdwdate. No IP/port change required. Which IP/port is used will also be shown in sdwdate log.

But why is my sdwstatus keep saying " waiting for first sdwdate status ", when I open the log it is also empty? On whonix it works but on my non-anonymous distro ( debian ) it does not.

Bug reported required as per instructions https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Reporting_Bugs.

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