sdwdate issues driving me nuts

This keeps happening and it’s driving me nuts.

I’ll be on a ws vm working and suddenly I notice the sdwdate icon isn’t full. I click it and says it hasn’t finished preparation or something. It will just sit like this. If I try to open any other vm through whonix they won’t connect however whichever ones I already have open continue to work. Even if I click restart sdwdate it doesn’t fix itself. To fix it I have to restart tor gui every time…Then sdwdate fixes itself and then I can use any vm I want. This seems to happen like every hour… Any idea what’s happening? Could wifi issues cause this? Is this messing up my privacy when it happens?

Your only diagnosis tool is a hammer.
sdwdate makes issues apparent and is easily accessible to open the logs but that doesn’t mean that sdwdate is the cause.
sdwdate depends on the functionality of the computer network connection and Tor.

Tor Log Analysis



New wiki page created just now:

How bad is it messing up my privacy? So the sdwdate messes up and what like am I deanonymized to every vm running?

I also have to restart tor gui in sys whonix very often… some vm’s just dont connect until I do. This never used to happen. It definitely isn’t my internet.

I cannot quantify it.

Written just now:
Do sdwdate issues impact anonymity?

Okay so I turned off obfs4 bridge and since I did that sdwdate stopped failing. Interesting…

sdwdate was the victim not the cause all along.

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