sdwdate and sdwdate-gui development thread


Left click does nothing for me in KDE.
Left click does nothing for me in XFCE.

Right click always works well for me in KDE.
Right click always works well for me in XFCE.

sdwdate-gui looks a lot better in Whonix XFCE!

(Days of KDE version are probably numbered so no KDE fixes required: User Poll - XFCE vs KDE - KDE Deprecation Considered!)

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Using Qubes-Whonix, stable proposed updates repo.

I noted today that even when sdwdate-gui was telling me “the clock is fast” etc in logs, and the random time-sync stuff hadn’t completed, it was still possible to download updates via sys-whonix for TemplateVMs.

So, there must be some logic flaw, since all updates should have been blocked until sdwdate finished i.e. jumped a random number of seconds forward or backward first.

Never seen that before.

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Blocking networking until sdwdate finished isn’t a feature which is enabled by default (yet).

Did you apply instructions from https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Network_Time_Synchronization#Block_Networking_until_sdwdate_Finishes?



Sorry, my mistake.

No, I didn’t apply that change - had thought it was by default.

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Some changes for log viewer, buster, file permissions.

Why is there if self.tor_status == 'running':? What stopping sdwdate has to do whether Tor is running or not? Bug?