sdwdate and sdwdate-gui development thread


swdate-gui was run as user in the early design. See https://github.com/troubadoour/sdwdate-gui/blob/3cf36079a13f631308f3e7f01ef97f1c2e33191e/etc/xdg/autostart/sdwdate-gui.desktop

I did complicate things afterwards :unamused:

It should be OK running sdwdate-gui, restricting rm to the file to be removed.

Tested in Qubes and VirtualBox.



Great. Works for me in a Qubes Debian VM. So we can consider this case closed.


Merge conflicts.

Switched to master branch, merge origin/master (was up to date), merged origin/python. Hope this is OK.


Happening during Tor bootstrap (SUMMARY between double quotes).


I cherry picked.

git cherry-pick fffc44e6559a411f6c027160d149ac8b54708ff6

git cherry-pick 18d23bb8eb6e03bc21403065cb6b582e4258d932

Somehow these were not included in Whonix sdwdate master. My mistake.

Our branches match now. Looks good.


Good catch. Merged.








For reference:


I could use help with the tool to find out which onions are offline or too inaccurate.


  • takes ages to complete the test
  • tons of onion may be offline and need to be removed from sdwdate config
  • after one failure, these should not be removed, it might be a locally caused connectivity issue
  • we don’t need automatic removal from sdwdate config, just suggestions which are offline for manual remove for the next package upgrade
  • careful when running this test in Whonix, due to sdwdate and clock randomization our local clock could be too much off in the first place, so using that as basis for comparison would be wrong
  • therefore sudo service sdwdate stop
  • change the date to accurate time. syntax:
    • Non-Qubes-Whonix: sudo date --set "Mon Mar 14 17:48:38 UTC 2016"

Developers only (not good for anonymity), easier for Qubes-Whonix:

Set dom0 clock so it is accurate.

In anon-whonix-dev stop sdwdate so it will not run and change the clock during the onion_tester.

sudo systemctl stop sdwdate

Sync dom0 with anon-whonix-dev clock. (Not perfect but accurate enough.) In dom0:

qvm-run --pass-io anon-whonix-dev "sudo date --set \"$(date --utc)\""

Compare dom0 clock with anon-whonix-dev clock.

date --utc ; qvm-run --pass-io anon-whonix-dev date

If they math, you’re good to run the onion_tester.

//cc @troubadour

ERROR Whonixcheck

I can see that many onions must be either down or intermittently online. Working on sdwdate-gui Qubes (some nice progress there), I am doing tons of sdwdate restarts.

I can run the onion tester in a separate anon-vm.


Have run the onion tester 7 or 8 times over two days. There are many onions consistently timing out, most of them in pool one.

I removed them in /etc/sdwdate.d/50_default.conf (pushed).


30_default.conf not 50. Probably was a mistake? Anyhow. Fixed.

        ## Remove double quotes from message as they would be interpreted as
        ## an argument separator in /usr/lib/sdwdate-gui/show_message (called
        ## by run_popup).

This is fixed. Commit in next post. (Modified the show_message arguments parser so we can simplify sdwdate-gui code a bit.)