Scaling hidden Services on Whonix -- Any strategies?

Now running whonix on a fairly standard setup of two VM’ running on VirtualBox on linux dedicated server. We are running a tor hidden service so far successfully. But traffic has been mimimal to moderate thus far. We expect that may change shortly and we’ll put facing higher traffic very soon. Are there any things we can do to prepare for that as far as enhancements to the server, Whonix. Or is whonix even going to be viable as a platform for a busy hidden service. Lately there have been some hidden services that have stood out from others for handlng immense traffiic and scarcely missing a beat while others around them with much light traffic have struggled to stay available.

It woud be great for my peace of mind if whonix was part of the solution.


Or is whonix even going to be viable as a platform for a busy hidden service.
I would wonder if not. It's still just Debian + [...] as per https://www.whonix.org/wiki/About#Based_on_Debian.

There was some discussion on tor-talk. Haven’t read it. You already know?
Search term:
scaling hidden services tor-talk

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. It would be really great if there was one easy answer to these questions. i figured you would be the person to steer me in the right direction of discussions among people who know what they are talking about on this topic. Appreciate all you do here. I wouldn’t feel anywhere near as safe without whonix available.


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