Safest way to move files between workstations

At the moment when i need to move some file between whonix worksations i using files uploading services, like mega. I protect my files with zip password. But this way is slow and not so anonymous, since my files is hosted somewhere.
What other ways to move files between workstations ? Without shared clipboard?
I thinking about just setting up two jabber accounts, jabber1 on VM1, jabber2 on VM2. When i need to transfer file i just send it from jabber1 to jabber2 account. I will use OTR. Does this scheme hurt my anonymity in some way ?

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OTR and file transfer… Sure your client uses OTR also for file transfer? And unless you know how to not use a remote server, I wouldn’t like to involve a remote server.

Anything that is able to transfer files in LAN that works generally should work in Whonix-Workstation’s as well. (Whonix-Workstations can connect to other Whonix-Workstations (as documented here Multiple Whonix-Workstation ™) when they are in the same internal network.) I have never looked that up, got no particular recommendations. Maybe someone else has a recommendation.