safer DHCP implementation based on "automated introspection"

HulaHoop via Whonix Forum:

No automated. A script to query the eth0 interface for its IP. IP is assigned pretty early on in a VM’s life so it should be clear if it needs to start the server or the client without delaying connectivity too much.

No network interface at boot time: no way to know if there are other VMs on the network yet. At least not without using manual DHCP commands which I have no idea about.

What would be thinkable in theory is: first boot set up interface with random IP, check if there is any VM using yet.

  • if not: bring down network interface and become and start DHCP server (become master WS)
  • if yes: use DHCP to get IP from (from master WS)

Also check beforehand if that random IP is already used by another VM, I wouldn’t know how to do that.

Problem: What if there already is a master WS but currently powered off?

Since it is based on introspection and is automated, it should be able to dynamically react to network conditions .

I see. Sounds more like inventing something DHCP alike. Or figuring out if DHCP has the features required for this. No idea.

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