Running Whonix on Atom

I want to build a tiny box for whonix, using either Up board or GPD Win (or Pocket) mini computer. Would x5 z8350 or x7 z8750 CPU’s be powerful enough for more or less smooth experience? I know that new chips have come a long way with power efficiency, but 2W TDP seems a tad bit small for a real PC.

Depends on your usecases. Linux runs on “weak” embedded computers without problems.

Dude, give a call if it works, how fast it is. I’m considering abuying chaep laptop due to it’s mobility purposes :stuck_out_tongue: and would love to run whonix on it.

Pretty much only a web browser and vpn running on Workstation, pretty much no ‘heavy lifting’, just imagine a typical ‘facebooking machine’, with occasional use of GPG or hardware bitcoin wallet. I use browser based office suite for all my writing needs.

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Well, due to the massive variations and advancements in CPU based VM acceleration, as well as the design differences in newer Generation chipsets, it is hard to make a correct Statement regarding your question. However, from my experience, if set up properly you shouldn’t have any issue, I’d just recommend a sufficient amount of Memory (above 2gb at the very least) and to run the Gateway in terminal mode.

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