running MAT2 on Whonix

Hi everybody.

I’m new to Whonix and Linux in general. I am using Whonix in Virtual Box (Non-Qube).
I tried to run MAT2 (Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit v2).
When running mat2 with flag “s” for a file.PNG (8KiB) it says: bwrap: setting up uid map: No such file or directory
After this message, the process is running for several minutes but nothing is happening. I then cancelled it.

Is this normal behavior, the process just takes that much time and I would just have needed to wait some more minutes to finish the run successfully?
Or is there something going wrong with bwrap? I already found the instructions on this page:
(Not allowed to add links to my post)
Seems there were some problems with bubblewrapper, but I am not quite sure if that’s a related problem. Also the mentioned solution “–no-sandbox” does not work for me. It says, this flag does not exist.

Can someone help me how to proceed to to get MAT2 running on Whonix?

Your choices are uninstalling bubblewrap or starting mat2 with the --no-sanbox flag. Note this flag is used for bwrap on the commandline and not mat2 which will not recognize it.

Any idea what’s breaking bubblewrap?

//cc @madaidan

Thanks for this information. Regarding the second option: How does this work?
According to the bwrap manual page, the --no-sandbox flag does not exist for bwrap. Furthermore when starting mat2, how can I hand over this flag to bwrap?
Guess this is some basic linux understanding issue, but anyway I’d be thankful for any hint or a link to further guidance.

I’m unfamiliar with bwrap commands and the manual doesn’t have a --no-sandbox option. Try uninstalling bwrap

I can confirm that after uninstalling bubblewrap I was able to run mat2.
But unfortunately Tor browser was not running anymore after rebooting the system. Installing bubblewrap again did not fix the issue.

Can’t tell a 100% this error happened due to uninstalling bubblewrap, since I also updated Whonix after the reboot.
If you are interested in the error message for maintenance purpose, I can look it up and add it later on.

Could be unrelated. Please create a new forum thread for that. You can add a link to it here.

This will be functional with Whonix stable-proposed-updates repository. At some unknown point in time also in Whonix stable repository.

Will as well be fixed in next Whonix version number equal or grater than once released. I tested mat2 just now (while bubblewrap was installed) in Whonix developers-only version

Because it’s not using hidepid anymore.

mat2 must be run with --no-sandbox.

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