ro-mode-init: Live Mode Indicator not working

@Algernon When running with ro-mode-init I noticed the taskbar icon is unable to recognize that live mode was enabled (I tested it to be fully functional). Does the indicator only work for the grub method or is it supposed to see both?

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I actually never tested it for ro-mode-init because it is not the recommended way. It probably does not work because it checks for “boot=live” in the, which is not present for ro-mode-init. I guess it can be changed to something else like checking for the presence of the overlay mountpoint. I can’t test it though because I have some problems building Whonix currently.


I see, thanks.

Is it the KVM build that’s giving you trouble?

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I specuclate it’s due to the many changes that happen as a result of [FIXED] Apt RCE announced. New Whonix images needed. Whonix build NOT safe at the moment..

No, more or less everything.
It either fails already at the 1100 step when building for stretch and I could not yet figure out why it fails. When building for buster it at least manages to start step 1200 but then shows lots of lintian errors probably for each package it wants to build. I guess the buildsystem itself also needs to be buster since mmdebstrap is not in stretch.

Does building work for you with the current source?

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Are you sure you’re using the latest git tag mmdebstrap is no longer a package dependency there. mmdebstrap now has to stay in help-steps/mmdebstrap until buster and/or until a new release of mmdebstrap is being made because… (see That makes setting up the build system a lot easier. Only stretch builds are tested. Did not attempt a buster build yet.

I think it was the latest tag. Need to check again though. But it asked for mmdebstrap so I just upgraded everything to buster. Maybe I test it again with the updated Build Documentation.

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This wasn’t what I intended / tested. That could indeed result in lots of build issues. was not up to date. Was still mentioning mmdebstrep package install from buster. Sorry. Fixed now.

True. I maybe go back to stretch or wait till the dust has settled. Buster will be soft frozen today afaik so should be more or less stable.

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Would be nice to have whenever you’re ready.

BTW Buster builds should be fine now.

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Updates will be posted in the same thread.

whispers: Yes but he is a KVM user :wink:


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Should be fixed in all repository. Let me know if this is not the case.

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