Ricochet problem of connection to ToR


Hi, I can not get Ricochet to connect, maybe the gateway firewall blocks it? how can I do to unlock it?
Thank you


Hi mikelosat

Do not make any modifications to Whonix-Gateway firewall. Doing so could cause traffic to leak over clearnet.


For debugging purposes only you can unload the Whonix-Workstation firewall and see if that helps. I would create a clone of Whonix-Workstation and use that for testing.

If you would like help with connecting, please provide more information.

  • did you follow the wiki Ricochet instructions.
  • logs
  • error messages


Thanks for replying, I have not made any changes to the GATEWAY part despite this when I start RicoChet it stays on “connecting”.
I followed the wiki and entered the string: EXTERNAL_OPEN_ALL = true inside the sudo nano file /etc/whonix_firewall.d/50_user.conf but the result is negative.


It is EXTERNAL_OPEN_ALL=true. You added extra spaces.

Please consider purely using copy/paste rather than trying to manually type such things.


I checked the parameters there are no extra spaces but it’s all as expected. I can not get ricochet to connect