Resilience against censorship and the struggle with the Tor Project design

Tying in the Georgetown U. hebtor Project
with what I think should be a Whonix mission to deploy GNUnet alongside the evolving Tor Project suite as bundled.

I think everyone should see’s design principles and Reference Manual to gain an appreciation of the alignment of Whonix’s mission with the hopeful future of the internet in GNUNet (an ambitious but competent team and vision).

These seem practical models: one the short-term practical-economical, and the second the long-term utopian-ambitious.

I for one would like to see these directions pursued and deployed in Whonix with certainty if not urgency.

hebtor unlikely to be used in the real world and even less likely that users will pay for this when workarounds like VPNs work just as well.

As for GNUnet, I’ve tried it many times over the years and never succeeded to get it to connect with its respective network. Have you given it a try?

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Cant happen until GNUnet get its stuff stable which is not the case now.

I2P is way older than the current GNUnet development and still cant find good way to include it in whonix, So gnunet maybe after 5-10 years might find its way in whonix (unless something special gonna happen but generally not much special things happen).