Reset Gateway without rebooting?

Often I have multiple workstations open and forwhatever reason my box will go into standby or hibernation or a vpn might disconenct etc and the gateway and workstations drop connectivity. I end up having to shut it all down and load everything back up. This is so frustrating!

If workstations drop control port access to gateway or gateway drops connection etc how can i in the gateway run a command to get it to reinitialize without having to go through this process again?

Hi as30

Have you tried restarting Tor? In Whonix-Gateway konsole, run.

sudo systemctl restart tor@default

After giving a minute for Tor to bootstrap, run whonixcheck.


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Tor - Whonix

sudo service … (preferred over) sudo systemctl … for Tor ?


sudo service … (preferred over) sudo systemctl … for Tor ?

service calls systemctl. Doesn’t really matter.

service is generic. service has worse syntax.

systemctl is systemd specific. Nicer syntax imo and systemd replacement
not on horizon.