replacing initramfs-tools with dracut

dracut support was implemented in grml-debootstrap.

Kicksecure will move to dracut with its next major release (when rebasing to Debian 12 / bookworm).
(required for ram-wipe - Wipe RAM on shutdown and reboot - Kicksecure)

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dracut support was completed in git tag

This is a major issue for Kicksecure hosts (currently cannot use dracut):

Debian bug report:
unbootable system after installing dracut on a standard Debian installation

Not an issue for Kicksecure VMs or Whonix VMs because there dracut works for some reason.

Might be a duplicate of Debian bug report dracut: generic initrd does not work with encrypted root FS without further configuration.

Thanks to Laszlo Gombos, this has been reported upstream.

Debian bug report:
missing dependency on init / systemd-sysv / libpam-systemd