Remove "Something went wrong" when using openvpn in the Workstation

0brand provided me with the following link: Connecting to Tor before a VPN

It lists steps required to use VPN from the Whonix Workstation.

I’ve done all of these, but I still get the disturbing message that “Something went wrong” with the Tor browser.

Are there additional steps I need to take to get this to go away? Should I just uninstall the whole Tor extension?

Hi rob

This is expected behavior. Nothing to worry about.

This is because Tor Browser can no longer access Tor’s ControlPort (onion-grater) on Whonix-Gateway.

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Never do that. That will remove a lot of the anti-fingerprint protections.

The warning is normal to let you know you are not connecting thru Tor. They have no way to know that that IP is a VPN.

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