Remove samba from whonix


It seems to be samba installed by default in whonix gw and ws with vlc. so its better to clean it (specially gw) .

Also side question: why Tor package installed in Whonix-ws ?


I don’t think so. Package name?

Note: samba-libs / python-samba / vlc-plugin-samba is not samba. These are sometimes dependencies by other packages.

  • If samba installed: then these can provide functionality.
  • But if samba isn’t set up: then these shouldn’t do anything except notifying the application that it’s not set up.

It’s a dependency by some packages, probably ricochet / onionshare or the like. Actually I checked, it’s a dependency of torsocks which are we using to provide stream isolation.

tor package being taken care of by:


Thats solves the issue. but i think it can be easily cleaned from whonix 15 since no need to the existence of them.



If you see a list of all packages (dpkg -l), I am sure there’s a ton with seemingly offending names - same answer.