Remove samba from whonix

It seems to be samba installed by default in whonix gw and ws with vlc. so its better to clean it (specially gw) .

Also side question: why Tor package installed in Whonix-ws ?

I don’t think so. Package name?

Note: samba-libs / python-samba / vlc-plugin-samba is not samba. These are sometimes dependencies by other packages.

  • If samba installed: then these can provide functionality.
  • But if samba isn’t set up: then these shouldn’t do anything except notifying the application that it’s not set up.

It’s a dependency by some packages, probably ricochet / onionshare or the like. Actually I checked, it’s a dependency of torsocks which are we using to provide stream isolation.

tor package being taken care of by:

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Thats solves the issue. but i think it can be easily cleaned from whonix 15 since no need to the existence of them.


If you see a list of all packages (dpkg -l), I am sure there’s a ton with seemingly offending names - same answer.

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To add, I have come across this same issue in other distros also.
Example: I have a stripped-down Ubuntu on one of my machines that I use and even though all offending packages have been scrubbed along with associated daemons, still there are some things that cannot easily be removed, if at all. One such example is libsmbclient.

Note: I have had to begin a new user name. My previous was anonytor. I lost my passphrase so this is my new name

Welcome back!

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