Remove packages safely

Hello, I was testing to remove some programs from the Whonix-Qubes template, I followed the instructions and installed the dummy-dependency package before removing the programs, but it still didn’t work and my test template crashed refusing to run Tor-Browser, most likely this was due to removing some dependencies.
Please advise, is it possible to safely uninstall some programs, if so, how?

That’s an insufficient issue description.

You’d need to keep a log of what commands where run / which packages were removed. As per:


It’s all described here:

I wouldn’t know what I could ad on top of it.

That could be an issue unrelated to package removal. That might even happen if no package is uninstalled.

See also:
Tor Browser Crash Errors

Could be Qubes (hardware specific) kernel issues. Try running Tor Browser in a Qubes Debian based App Qube and see if it’s reproducible there. As per: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle

For these experiments I clone my main Whonix-ws, on the main one I don’t encounter any problems on the tor browser side, the problems start exactly after I remove packages

I followed the instructions on that wiki page

  1. sudo apt update

  2. sudo apt install dummy-dependency

  3. sudo apt remove youtube-dl qubes-core-agent-passwordless-root monero-gui thunderbird hexchat xpdf vlc keepassxc mousepad ristretto libimage-exiftool-perl gpa nautilus qubes-core-agent-nautilus xfce4-terminal

  4. sudo apt autoremove

I then create a test AppVM where I run the browser, and get this error:


I tried using Tor Browser Downloader in the template, but ran into a problem too:

I suspect that dummy-dependency is not saving all dependencies.

I’ll explain why I’m going to remove it, I’m experimenting with the template to get a Whonix template only with Tor Browser, as I don’t use the other programs or use them in other minimal templates.
Probably a dead end, so I’ll try to play around with it with the Whonix-Qubes template builder

This unfortunately isn’t a magic bullet covering all.

The best you can do is as per https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Debian_Packages#Removal_Instructions

You’ll have the disadvantages as documented on that wiki page.

The removal might be ok.

The autoremove, I am not sure.

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