Remmina on qubes whonix: can I check that it's connected via TOR?

I bought a Remote Desktop service and I am using Remmina to connect to it, for highest anonimity while surfing the web with windows and doing Javascript stuff.

I am aware of mouse/keyboard fingerprinting etc, I’m not mixing identities and so on.

Still I have a doubt.

Is there any way to check the IP that my Remote Desktop provider is seeing?

I’d like to make sure that I’m not leaking my true IP to him, for some misconfiguration in Remmina.

Just like a DNS leak test, but for Remmina, you know?

Lurking the forum, I’m doing some research on a comment I read:

“Golden Rule: If your remote administration solution does not include Tor Hidden Services running in Authenticated mode then you shouldn’t do it.”

I ain’t really getting the whole meaning of that advice yet, but the concept seems captivating.

Thanks for your help

Setting up your own server and monitoring incoming connections.

Other related wiki pages:

  1. research what Tor onion services are
  2. research authenticated Tor onion services

But mostly theoretic anyhow due to Onion Services Reliability Issues.


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