Release Candidate! Testers Wanted! Whonix 10 ( )


The version number for this testers-only release is, which will become Whonix 10 the moment it’s blessed stable.

Download link for Virtual Box images (.ova), experimental kvm / qemu / Qubes images and OpenPGP signatures (.asc):

Upgrading Whonix 9 to Whonix 10:

– from the testers repository

If you want to build from source code, see:

Thanks to everyone who made this test release possible!

Forum Discussion:,1157.0.html

KVM Release Notes:

Existing users should update their xml files. See,827.0.html

Changelog between Whonix 9 and Whonix

Changelog between Whonix and Whonix

– apparmor-profile-whonixcheck: fixes

– apparmor-profile-pidgin: fixes

– whonix-developer-meta-files: added a mirror tester script

– whonix-developer-meta-files: streamlined release maintenance scripts

– fix, no longer install tor package in Whonix-Workstation – ⚓ T262 tor package being installed on Whonix-Workstation

– genmkfile: implemented “make git-tag-push”

– genmkfile: implemented “make reprepro-add”

– removed control-port-filter (bash) from source in favor of control-port-filter-python

– gpg-bash-lib: fixed dry run of gpg –fingerprint

– tb-updater: fix

– apparmor-profile-torbrowser: fixes

– whonix-legacy: fix broken gateway-firsttimesetup.desktop desktop icon after Whonix 9 → Whonix 10 upgrade

– whonix-legacy: fix “Warning: Could not find ‘/usr/lib/whonixsetup’, starting ‘/bin/bash’ instead. Please check your profile settings.” by deleting obsolete /etc/xdg/autostart/whonixsetup.desktop – Whonix Forum

– build-steps.d/2600_create-vbox-vm: Allow clipboard copying from the host to guest to ease entering bridges. – Whonix Forum

– Reverted:

— anon-meta-packages: added console-setup to anon-shared-packages-dependencies so users can use /etc/default/keyboard as alternative mechanism to change the keyboard layout

— anon-meta-packages: added console-data to anon-shared-packages-dependencies to make sure all three packages console-setup, console-data and console-common are installed.


gracious to all who made this happened. :slight_smile:

i want to ask if we should stop testing whonix 9.6 or not ?

also is dist-upgrade enough to update whonix 10 to these new features ? or i should use apt-get upgrade ?

You could even ignore all the “testers-wanted” blog category and stick to 9.6 until it’s deprecated. And upgrade after it has been deprecated. So no, there is no obligation to stop using 9.6 at the moment. I appreciate knowing you test it, because that helps getting the release out, progressing development. But it’s not “compulsory” in that sense (no such thing for free Libre Software anyhow).

Two options:

a) get a fresh build of

b) upgrade an existing older version than to
b 1) enable the testers repository (Whonix ™ APT Repository)
b 2) apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade as usual (Security Guide - Whonix)

(Using the testers repository won’t be necessary after the release - because then it will happen for everyone from the stable repository. Users of the testers repository help with the prevention of major breakage of the package manager for most users [that are using no, local or stable repository]. I would assume - for some - to their own benefit - they can upgrade an experimental VM and later benefit from smooth upgrades for their production VMs without/less hassle].)

thnx patrick , i appreciate that i have found someone nearly similarly to my brain-thinking.

:-* (one thing it looks strange with symbols here, there is no heart <3 nor flower (f) but just a kiss , it seems ppl in germany prefer kissing more than any other emotional symbols :smiley: )

When I install apparmor on gateway and restart,

-whonixcheck fails with 2 errors:

cat “$file_name"
ip_forwarding=”$(cat “$file_name”)"

-sdwdate continously gets denied to open /etc/tor/torrc

-manually opening whonixcheck also shows a msgdispatcher error: title="$(cat “/var/run/msgcollector/$who_ami/${identifier}.titlex”)"

on workstation, after installing apparmor and restart,

  • whonixcheck only fails at /usr/lib/apt-get-wrapper

  • on both gateway and workstation, double-cliking timesync shows denied exec and open /usr/bin/id messages

@z: Did you enable the testers repository? You’re implicitly expected to before [and if] that version is blessed stable. You know why? It’s a pretty simple explanation, but lengthy text.

I recommend to enable the testers repository and to apt-get dist-upgrade so get recent apparmor profiles.


thnx to all ur efforts

Glad you like it!

Thread closed, since this very version has now been blessed stable. Discussion can go on here Whonix Forum or create new topics as you can see fit.