Reducing size of ova images


Qubes uses fstrim.


If we run that before and/or after zerofree (or vice versa) could we further reduce Whonix image sizes?


Hi Patrick. I didn’t know this method. I can give it a try.



Back to the forum after a long summer pause…

I did a try with a Whonix-Gateway (current, 14) build and did not notice any difference.

I proceeded as follows:

  • I ran manually steps 1100 to 2300
  • After rebooting the machine I mounted the .raw image using /home/user/Whonix/help-steps/mount-raw
  • Then I ran sudo /sbin/fstrim -v /home/user/Whonix-Gateway_image
  • After that I proceeded with the last build-steps as usual

The final .ova size is 937 MB, exactly the same size as without the fstrim command.

By the way, I notice that using the current github version results in a version, whereas the official download version is currently, and only weighs 850 MB. Is there any substantial difference between the two versions, and why this size increase?

One more little thing: the values for .ova files must be updated here according to their new value: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Template:DownloadTable#