reducing number of clicks to download Whonix / Thank You page

Currently a new user might…

go to

click 1: dowload
click 2: Windows
click 3: download

Can this process be improved / number of clicks reduced?

click 1 seems unavoidable since Whonix is available for multiple operating systems. (Unless user scrolls down on main page and clicks “Windows”. [link fixed to Whonix Quick Start in git master already])

Could click 2 perhaps donwload Whonix Windows Installer and open a “Thank You” page?

That “Thank You” page would be actually short instructions on how to use it, similar to what Whonix ™ for Windows, macOS, Linux inside VirtualBox is now but without big download button.

Tor Project nowadays has a Thank You page. When you go to Tor Project | Download and click to download TBB…

That works only when JavaScript is enabled.

Looks like a “Thank You” page is only possible with JavaScript?

Possible to make a “Thank You” page without JavaScript?

Looks doable.

If anyone is intersted, you can see the page source (in Tor Browser) “long way”:

Click the hamburger top right hand corner of Tor Browser → Web DeveloperPage Source.

Easy way: click Ctrl +U

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