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I’m creating this thread to post feedback/ideas about Whonix +Qubes.

(1) The thing I miss most about Whonix under Windows is a separate workspace. I can create a separate desktop under KDE but it doesn’t feel the same for me. I wish there was a way to replicate that experience.

(2) If Whonix is going to be implemented in Qubes by default should the file managers be aligned? The default in Whonix is Dolphin and the default in Qubes is Nautilus.

(3) Is there any interest in supporting Thunderbird (with Torbirdy) as a default application in Whonix?
Nevermind, I see that it is supported as Icedove here
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Hm. I see. Legit. That is applicable to any Qubes VM. You could make that a general Qubes feature request against the Qubes tracker. This thread is related:

Are you talking about the “Virtual Desktops” feature?

In Qubes there is… System Tools -> System Settings -> Virtual Desktops -> Number of desktops

And with the taskbar items, you can adjust the organization of them with…

Right-click taskbar -> Task Manager Settings

Like “Only show tasks from the current desktop” – which works in sync with the Virtual Desktops capability.