Questions about DHCP and network

I think i do something wrong, i use qemu on arch. When i import network “Whonix-External” it don’t work, i write in XML in forward dev=“eth0”, but it don’t work too, but if i write DHCP it work.

If i do something wrong, write it me, please.

DHCP and forward for my device(eth0) it normal for Whonix and anonymity?

I use config which virt-manager create, i think for test it is normal and i test all configs with debian net-inst same results.

Whonix GW cannot interact with DHCP servers because we ripped out the client on purpose for security. Also it cannot connect if you assign it to a network with a range that doesn’t include

You should use the configs supplied in the Whonix archives. The default templates in VMM could be very different that what we tested to work.

I suspect it’s not importing because you already have a network with the same range but a different name (I renamed it at some point).

In the VMM window go to edit -> connection details -> virtual networks and remove the older network then try reimporting.